An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a stand-alone tax deferred account that enables you to save money for retirement.

It can also act as an investment account that gives you a place in which to roll over any employer-sponsored retirement plan assets like from a 401(k) when changing jobs or retiring.

Many people open IRAs in addition to any employer-sponsored retirement plans they might have to save for their futures.

You establish an IRA by opening an account with an insurance company, employer, a bank or financial services firm.

Your contributions to the account can be made by depositing money from your savings periodically, through payroll deductions or by making a lump sum deposit.

Most plans offer you a choice of various funding options including annuities, stocks, bonds and mutual funds tailored to different styles of investors.

At age 59½ you become eligible to begin taking distributions from the account which, depending on the account type, may be taxed at that time. Generally, there is a 10% penalty for withdrawing funds before you turn 59½.

While each type of IRA has unique benefits, the overwhelming advantage of all IRAs is their tax-deferred growth potential.


– Traditional IRA

– Roth IRA

– IRA Comparisons

Curiman Brokers Group will help and guide you along this path as you prepare to retire. Regardless of your social status in life, we will provide significant guidance, services and tools that will help you prepare for your retirement.

The rates of life expectancy are raising every day across the world as well as health care costs. These major factors should make you consider purchasing a retirement plan. You do not need to outlive your savings after you retire.

When you retire, you need to celebrate life to the fullest because you have spent many years working with little rest. We have a wide range of pension plans that are simple, innovative and affordable. Ensure you go through our various packages and select one that you can pay comfortably.

Our retirement plans are aimed at providing you with the much-needed financial security in the event that your professional income begins to ebb.

You do not need to compromise your living standards to survive tough economic times. With the current rates on inflation and high costs of living, purchasing a retirement plan is all you need to live proudly while maintaining your standards.

Many times, we heard clients asking why they need a retirement plan. Well, a good retirement plan should be able to offer you with a regular income during your post retirement moments using the money you saved while working.

Your kids can still go to a good school when you have a retirement plan. We will ensure that your family maintains the lifestyle they are used to without you having to make checks deposits every time.

There are many unexpected expenses that follow when you have retired. Stop worrying g and let us help you meet these expenses without depleting your sources of income.

You can choose to purchase premiums in which you will be required to make periodical payments. These payments can be made annually, every six months, quarterly or monthly depending on how you like.

Additionally, you can choose to contribute a lump sum amount and let you grow as you continue to work. It is all about securing the financial future for you and your family.

When you retire, we will make regular payments to create a source of income for your upkeep and general expenses.

Curiman Brokers Group has zero allocation charges so you do not have to worry about any hidden charges. We also provide flexible payments for premiums to suit your financial obligations.